Leggings as pants

I got home from Austin this afternoon. I will miss that place. More on that later. While I was there we went to a movie theater called Alamo Drafthouse. It is a really awesome theater, where they serve you food during the movie. Also they have cool events, like Elvis Presley sing a long. Just a cool place. We went and saw this.

It was excellent. Really good movie. The swearing in the movie is needed and kind of funny. So inspirational, and a mix of funny and serious. It makes it even cooler, that it is a true story. I recommend it! 

This is seriously what you see everywhere 

  I have hit my last nerve on the subject of Leggings as pants. Fashion crime. STOP it. It does not look good. Just because you wear a over sized sweatshirt doesn't mean it is okay. Come on can't you put a little more thought in your outfit than wearing leggings an over sized sweatshirt and uggs. I mean come on people. I don't want to see your butt or underwear. 

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